• The vineyard

The Domaine covers today 55 hectares (550,000 m2/136 acres approx) of vines and about 10 hectares (100,000 m2/25 acres approx) of meadows and woods. The vines spread around the Château over a 1 km radius mainly on the land of the village of Vire-sur-Lot on the terraces of the Lot valley. It comprises a patchwork of around forty different vineyards, each with specific characteristics, different vine varieties, soil types, exposure, age… Therefore, although they are close together, they each produce different grapes. These vines are growing on the most famous and best quality soils of the Cahors Appellation : limestone scree, upper terrace slopes,....

Our climate is influenced by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. We therefore experience the benefits of regular rainfall, which protects us from excessive periods of draught, a good exposure to the sun, the balancing effect of the river Lot running near by, thus controlling temperature extremes ; also the Autan wind helps to perfect the maturing of our grapes.

Finally, the Cahors vineyard is dominated by Malbec which is always a temperamental grape to grow but, with a lot of meticulous care gives us rich colourful elegant wines.

Other grapes are Merlot, grown all over the world and Tannat from the Madiran region. Different grapes are used for our IGP Côtes du Lot wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Manseng for the Whites, and Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc for the making of our Rosé wines.

Our teams are working on the vines throughout the season : sharp pruning, bud removal in spring, leaf removal and green harvesting… All this work is done in order to obtain healthy mature grapes, essential for achieving a high quality "craftman wine". We have also undertaken to limit as much as possible the use of chemical inputs. For this we have undertaken re-introducing mechanical work along the rows to limit weeding on some part of the vineyard, latest spray technology, ….


  • The chai (winery)

The chai was built in several stages as the Domaine grew. It combines some of the most traditional equipment : concrete vats, oak barrels, hogsheads, … with modern wine making techniques : temperature controlled vats, pneumatic presse, peristaltic pump,… Even to this day investments are regularly made to keep improving the quality of our production and take advantage of the latest technology.