The Gravis are still as successful as 25 years ago. These rosé wines, beautifully pink, fruity and sound, can be drunk simply with a meal or as an aperitif.

  • The dry rosé is made from Malbec only. It has volume and body, with intensely fruity flavours
Technical data – Dry Gravis
    The sweet rosé is made from Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet. Its slight sweetness intensifies its fruitiness and taste of candy

Technical data – Sweet Gravis



Here are two white wines, unassuming but really pleasurable wines, elegant and irresistable.

  • The dry white is a blend of white Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes. Although full bodied it still is a dry white wine which combines admirably fruity flavour and volume on the palate.
Technical data – Dry white
  • The sweet white is made only from the Manseng grape, which cannot be picked before mid-October, when it is slightly golden and over-ripened. It is ideal as an aperitif or dessert wine.

Technical date – Sweet white


Here is another cuvée which well reflects the desire the Domaine have to explore all aspects of the Malbec grape, away from codes and traditions. This wine is some kind of an "alien" in the small world of Primeurs : deep purple colour, hints of fresh fruit, well developped on the palate but characteristic of a Malbec. To be discovered in the autumn.

Technical data – Primeur