Our AOP Cahors wines are red wines, full of character like all the wines of our region and the dominant Malbec grape gives dark colour richness to the wine. However, thanks to our modern skills we pick the Malbec grapes when fully ripened and gorged with sunshine, this gives fine subtle tannin and produces Cahors wines which can be enjoyed young as well as after a few years rest in your cellar.

Château Nozières - " tradition" : Round and fruity Cuvée Ambroise de l'Her : robust and full flavoured Cuvée Elégance : Intense and diverse Cuvée Signature : Intense et aromatique


A blend of 80% Malbec and 20% Merlot, Château Nozières is a Cahors "of tradition" : the Merlot gives it smoothness and a mellowed texture. It is grown in vats to preserve the fruit and roundness with a well balanced composition.
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Cuvée Ambroise de l'Herm

A blend of 90% Malbec and 10% Merlot, l'Ambroise de l'Her is named after an ancestor. Rich colour, spicy aroma, powerful bouquet supported by tannins smoothed by the sweetness of a mellow woodiness caused by a whole year in the wooden barrel.
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Cuvée Elégance

This 100% Malbec cuvée is grown on the oldest vineyard and produced after 18 months in new barrels. It is a highly flavoured wine with a warming intensity over a noticeable but pleasant woodiness. The special care taken on the vine and in the chai, the low yield, both contribute to the making of a great Cahors wine which will stand the test of time.
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The new "cuvée" Signature, 100% Malbec, matured in concrete vats and in "foudres". "The Malbec" represents the pure expression of our grape and our "terroir". A fruity, fullbodied, powerful wine.
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